I finally got started on my interior cushions. They should have been done by now but then getting the house ready for sale took over our lives and before I knew it the winter was gone.

I’ve been making boat cushions for a long time, six complete sets to date, but I wanted the cushions for this boat to be in a bit of a different league. I have always made simple box cushions, no batting, Velcro instead of zippers (more forgiving), and often didn’t bother with the angles against the hull. This boat is hopefully going to be our home for a long time so I want everything to be right and look professional. That means I had to learn a few new tricks and techniques.Continue reading

To those who have never visited our blog (what blog??, you are probably asking), welcome. To those who have been here before you’re probably wondering “where the heck did everything go?”

I’m not sure I can explain it but I recently had an uncontrollable impulse to purge all of my online data and take a total social media break for a while. I was almost OCD for a brief time about deleting absolutely everything possible I had online anywhere, including all of the content and pictures in my blog and on this site. My break really didn’t last very long. Some of the loss of information I regretted almost immediately, some of it felt like a good housecleaning, but now we make a fresh start.

To be honest I was having a really hard time finding motivation to write the posts about the boat refit. As a result I was posting very sporadically and usually not remembering to take pictures of projects as I was doing them. After so many years of rebuilding old boats (5 of them as total rebuilds, and lots of maintenance and upgrades on others), and writing about it, I really just want to do the work, get it done, and go sailing. As a result the refit will probably appear at some point in the form of Before and After albums, perhaps as a separate page. What I’m really interested in posting is the cruising log and I honestly can’t wait to get to that part!! Pictures of places we’ll visit seems so much more interesting to me than before and after pictures of paint drying.

We’re working furiously to get Anteris ready for living aboard and cruising. The for sale sign goes on the house in March and if we are able to sell we plan to retire and have our bow pointed south by fall. As 18-24″ of snow is being predicted for this weekend we hope to be seeing our last winter EVER.

I’ll work on trying to make this look like a real site again.

Until then…..

Fair winds and following seas,